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Discussion in 'Product and Vendor Reviews' started by JJSR, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Our club has just passed it's 10th anniversary back in Oct. we wanted to acknowledge two members for their outstanding service to RadRoc's. We only had a few weeks to figure out how we were going to accomplish this. The idea came up, hey, lets get them plaques, there is plenty of places around that made sports plaques, shouldn't be a problem,,, well almost all of them had a wait time of a month of more...
    So by chance, being desperate, I emailed Mark Hayes to see if he does things like this??
    Low and behold he said yes, after a few emails to iron out what we wanted on these plaques and our short time frame. He designed our logo and words we needed on them. Within a couple of days we both were satisfied with how the finished plaques will look. With an OK from the rest of the clubs BOD's, I email Mark the go ahead.

    Before I knew it they were here,,,

    AND they looked FANTASTIC!!!

    these pictures don't do them justice

    Resized_20181022_105452.jpg 20181022_105418.jpg

    THANK YOU Mark you saved the day for us. well my @$$ for sure LOL

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