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Nov 8, 2015
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The title just says it all.

Eight or nine years ago I designed a scratch rocket because my son said "Wouldn't be cool if we could put a GI Joe in a rocket"! Well heck yes! Thus I designed and built the GI Joe Lofter. It flew once and then retired until last year. Then I forgot to turn ON the chute release and well...the GI Joe Lofter 2.0 was born. I painted it exactly the same; but as cool as I thought it looked it just didn't POP. I reached out to Mark; said, "Look I really don't know WHAT I want, I just want it to POP". Well let's say in my opinion he knocked this thing OUT OF THE PARK! Mark, you really are one of a kind and your designs and vinyl are simply the best out there. Period!


Before and After

GI Joe Lofter.jpg Lofter 2.0 stickershocked.jpg
Mark's the best at what he does. Always have been happy with his work and device is outstanding. I remember having those GI Joe's when I was a kid. I actually had the ones that talked. One came with his own chute, but it was pretty mickey mouse.

Great looking rocket!!
I figure the figures too will find it attractive and be happy to fly in it.
Yep it flies two chute releases. On on the rocket and one on Joe. Will do a halo at LDRS. Pop his chute at 300 ft
The decals are amazing. The rocket design is very cool, too.