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Jan 17, 2009
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Ok Im at home a just thought WHAT THE HECK.. lets have a quick sale..

SO Since it was SO POPULAR last time.. here it is REALLY QUICK

this is for TODAY AND TOMORROW june 24th and 25 ONLY

25% off ALL der red max decals (anything you can add to cart in the der red max category) use coupon MAX25 at checkout

and 25% off all REPRODUCTION Decals (anything you can add to cart in the Reproductions Category) use coupon code REPRO25

fine print.. this cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers this applies ONLY to items you can add to cart..

this sale ENDS IN A HURRY so get them while you can!

thanks for looking and remember never fly naked!
You posted this yesterday June 25th at 3:20 PM, yet you say it'll be for "TODAY AND TOMORROW june 24th and 25 only". Was it supposed to say June 25th and 26th only?
Yep my mistake I TOTALLY thought sunday was Saturday.. my mistake.. Tango if you needed/wanted something shoot me an e-mail I'll take care of you!

thanks and sorry for the confusion