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Jan 21, 2009
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Just wanted to shout out to Mark Hayes at Stickershock23 for prompt delivery of another order of fantastic looking stickers! Like many other rocketeers, I've been using Mark for custom, stock, and repro, upscale and downscale stickers for years (decades?) for rocketry and aircraft needs. I've never been disappointed; only continuously impressed as he delivers above and beyond expectations every time. I'm not linked to Mark or SS23 in any way; just wholly appreciative of his talents, efforts, and offerings! I was so happy with the order received yesterday that I placed another order today! My sticker sets are outpacing my ability to build and paint at this point! :)

He doesn't maintain an online presence like he used to, but he's still very much in the sticker business. If you haven't dealt with Stickershock before, or haven't recently, give a visit and enjoy his offerings today. You won't be disappointed!!!

Long time super happy customer here! Thanks again, Mark!!!
+99! Mark rocks! Thanks for reminding everybody he is still out there churning out cool designs! Visit Stickershock for your next graphics. Whatever you do, don't tell him Dave sent ya!
I ordered a bunch of decals during the black friday sale. They arrived in good time and I am very impressed with the quality. +1 I would definitely recommend as well.
Mark is super awesome to work with. Always helpful and timely. His stickers are on all my rockets.


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Mark's been producing the "bling" as one guy called it, for WIlson F/X for some time. He produces a great product. I too have yet to ever be dissapointed in either his work or his timing of getting orders done for me. A great guy. A great business.

Thanks Mark for continuing your jobs well done!

Brad, the "very satisfied continuing customer here at Wilson F/X" and the "Rocket Rev.," Wilson

ps: that reminds me. I need to put in my next order fo stickers!

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