STICKERSHOCK 4th of july EXTRAVAGANZA (half off)

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Jan 17, 2009
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Well its the countries birthday.. so time for one of my BIG SALES!

I cant seem to do a BOGO coupon on the new website so im making it easy ..

The CLOSEST I CAN DO is buy any TWO items you can ADD TO CART on my website and get 50% off BOTH (thats even BETTER THAN A BOGO)

NOW the website will let you do ODD numbers of items BUT I WONT.. that means you need to buy TWO times or four or six etc. to get the 50% off everything in your cart (if you dont buy in pairs I will reject the order.. sorry)

this sale starts NOW and ends July 4th 2017 at midnight wherever you are..

SO Go to STICKERSHOCK23.COM find anything you want add them to your cart. make sure you have an EVEN number of items.. and use code 4th5050 at checkout! HURRY THIS SALE RUNS OUT FAST!

fine print.

this is for any item you can ADD TO CART on my website, not to be used in conjunction with ANY other offers. final sale items and numbers are up to me. and I hold the right to refuse any sale items if they dont follow the two for (you must order in twos BUT not necessarily the same wo items) rule.

alright I think thats it for now thanks for looking and remember


Mark and Marian
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I might just have to jump in on this... I've got parts OTW from the US, and they might include the parts needed to mod the Part-Of-A-Zon to a right proper Partizon.
So I am repainting my Intimidator 5. What is the best way to get the old Vinyl off?
AL IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT A little heat will soften it up and it will peel pretty easy.. BUT it will leave some glue behind.. clean that with rubbing alcohol or similar!
Can I not use your promo code on the Loc Patriot decals? If it's because they are already on sale, I would be happy to take half off the full price.

I emailed you, too. I just don't know what you'll be checking today, and I don't want to miss this sale, if I can use the code on the Patriot decals.
Guys there is so much response to this my website is SLAMMED.. so its moving pretty slowly..

PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE.. you will get where you are going but it might take a little time sorry for that!