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May 25, 2004
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I dont remember who but I know someone here makes custom stickers/lables. I am in need of someone to make a cover lable for me for my launch controller. This may be a large order.

I know we do, .

Are you looking for vinyl? Click here for a cool instructional video of how to apply vinyl.

I'm sure most of you all already know this, but we can cut in any true type font with around 30 colors to choose from (including chrome!). If the order is large enough we can order any other color you would like to be cut for you. Cutting space is 13"xunlimited".

Email us at [email protected] for some quotes. Be sure to check out the video though, vinyl is in no way similiar to waterslide decals or stickers!

If you want DIY and don't need it to be flexible then just print on a viewgraph slide with an inkjet printer, let it dry, and apply a laminate. You can get all of this at Wal-Mart. Use an inkjet if you want

If you have a laserjet printer then 3M makes a good outdoor labeling material that is very tough w/a white background. It is for outdoor signs and such.

I use a Xyron to laminate, make stickers, magnets, etc..., but some of the sticky laminate works quite well also.

Rocketguts: I hope I can make use of your vinyl sometime soon, just as a note, your red background is killing me.