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Jan 21, 2009
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So this is kind of unusual, but I’ll give it a shot!

This summer, a group I represent will be leading the Space Exploration Merit Badge at the Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree. Our booth last year was over 2,000 s.f., I suspect it will be about the same this year. A large component of that booth displays all segments of rocketry.

This year we want to construct a special exhibit that demonstrates the “state of the art” in rocketry. We want to present a project that shows what goes into a Level III attempt. We would love to include an electronics bay, dual-deployment, GPS, and video. Additional, high-end construction techniques should be shown.

Basically, we want to show the possibilities and the excitement that make HPR what it is..

This is where the plea for help comes in! Would anyone here be interested in offering up a rocket of this magnitude? We have the capabilities to design and construct museum quality exhibits, but we don’t have the “content” to fill them. A huge bonus would be photos and videos of this rocket that can be looped in the exhibit.

I welcome you to contact me regarding any possibilities or suggestions. Maybe you’ve always wanted to give that 17’ rocket in your garage a good home!

-Dan Bihary
Lorain, Ohio

P.s. - Still looking for volunteer staff for the jambo,
Hi Dan,
Are you a member of SkyBusters? https://www.skybusters.org/Home.asp
They fly out of Amherst if your not a member and I'm sure there are plenty of members that could help you out. If you need some display rockets I work for LOC/Precision and could get you some loaners for display but you would have to pick them up from out office near Akron, Ohio.

Hi Mark,

We know the Skybusters very well! Used to fly with Gery and the rest for a long time. Seems now we concentrate almost exclusively on our educational program.

Thanks for the offer for the display rockets. I'll be in touch privately.