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Death by Powerpoint
Jan 18, 2009
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North Central Texas
So I have an I366R that dates back to when I was young and handsome. The grains are fairly oxidized and I scuffed them up a bit. I have doubts that even that will work. However I realized that a single Pyrodex pellet fits perfectly in the grain bore. It ends up looking just like a CTI reload. Does anyone see an issue with that? Is this "modifying" the motor? About my only real concern is over pressure on ignition. I am not using the ejection charge.

I'd be worried about the over pressure thing myself. I know you scuffed the grain but if I were to try it, I'd take a sharp knife and cut the oxidation off the top grain. I'd try that first and if it didn't work, borrow a case from Rick and try the Pyrex route.
You'll be fine with a small piece of pyrodex. I have done this many of times to get reds started or to use ematches in air starts.
I think you will be fine. Might be a bit hot- maybe slice the slug in two, or get a grain of blue thunder and attach a couple slices to the igniter.