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Jan 20, 2009
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Here's my clone of the original Citation Starship Vega, painted (except for the pod legs). I have a beautiful set of decals from Excelsior Rocketry and I'll hopefully have a piece of chrome trim Monokote from the hobby shop tomorrow to use for the chrome body wrap. The plastic nose cone is from the now OOP Wildfire kit (now used in the SkyWriter); the pod cones are from BMS.
Drew Tomko
One more shot from below. The pods and legs are straight, but the angle makes them look a little funky.
Fore Check,
It's the other way around: the fins have cut outs for the pod cones. Go here:
for patterns. I actually traced the cones on the fins because I built this before the patterns were posted. Took lots of sanding to get the fit right.
I'm partial to the original Citation version, had one as a kid, and the later version and Super Vega didn't have the cones on the pods.
I'm with you. I find the Citation version much more appealing.:cool:
Have you seen the QModeling MRS-Vega? It's an upscale of the original vega - it's a great kit.
That's a real beaut, Drew. I'm anxious to see the finished product.
Thanks. The Q-Modeling upscale is a beauty, really a beautiful recreation of the Citation version.
Struck out getting chrome Monokote today so will have to wait a few days to finish.
That really is a nice looking bird Drew.
I keep seeing all the nice rockets throughout this forum and I am like, I want one of those and one of those and one of those....
Seriously looking good can't wait to see the finish:)
That's one fine looking Model....It's actually a little better then the original since you used the nose cones on the fin pods. a bit harder to fit also I'd imagine. Can't wait to see her painted!

I've never built the standard Starship Vega kit... It's still hanging on my wall in the BAG!! maybe someday ;)
I did build a Super Starship Vega and a Micro Vega just for fun.
Both are great fliers. I just converted a super vega photo series. maybe you'd like to see the flight..
Beautiful photos! I love the shot of it going up.
Originally posted by dtomko
Here's my clone of the original Citation Starship Vega, painted (except for the pod legs).
Drew Tomko

Nice smooth finish. Should look great when trimmed with decals.

Keep the pics coming!
Awesome rocket. I love unconventional (exotic?) rockets, they are so cool looking. Keep up the good work, everytime I come to RTF I get more ideas.

Here's another shot. I'll get better pics tomorrow in the light. You have to see the beautiful decals from Excelsior. Thanks, Fred!

Great job!!

The chrome monokote/decal combination worked very well. I was wondering how it would turn out.
Yes, the Monokote worked really well, although it was a little tense doing it! It took a few tries to get the Monokote on right (and it's actually 2/16" too close to the main fins; OK, that's really nitpicking!). I was going to coat it first but decided not to. I applied the striping decal with just water out of fear of Micro Set doing something nasty to the chrome, and at first the adhesive seemed to discolor the Monokote. After a good amount of time pushing out wrinkles with a paper towel, it looked better. I applied Micro-Sol over it and after about 1/2 hour it looked amazing! No discoloration, only one small wrinkle left, and the same shine.
Your decals are fabulous, Fred. I coated them with Microscale decal film first and they really stood up to pushing and prodding.
Buy Excelsior decals, everyone!
Superb Finish and decaling DT!
Great looking model!

You didn't mention using a wetting agent with the trim monocoat. 2 drops of dishwashing liquid in a pint of water is all it takes. I use an atomizer bottle to spary the model and the adhesive side of the monocoat (this works with any adhesive backed mylar, vinly or monocoat by the way) than feel free apply the monocoat and move it around as much as you like until it is squeegeeed down. come back about an hour later and re-squeegee to make sure all the agent has been removed and burnish with a soft cloth to bring up the shine.
hope this helps.
Beautiful. Really beautiful. I remember that rocket from when I was a kid, but you left out the glue bubbles and crooked decals that made mine look so "special". :D
Thanks, everyone! I spent like an hour last night just staring at it, remembering exactly how I felt when I got the first (and only???) Citation catalog in the mail. BTW, if you look at that catalog over at the Ninfinger site, you can see how much higher up on the BT the prototype's main fins were; it looks really funny.
Gus, I had that same version when I was a kid! Did yours also include the detachable foot pads that disappeared after about a week??? This version's pads have about a bottle of CA coating them!
John, I did use the dishwashing detergent trick on my second attempt and it worked like a charm!
Speaking of flight, the original used a 12" chute, but that seems guaranteed to break the landing legs. I am thinking of a 16." I'll have to weigh it.
A close up of the Monokote/decal wrap. There's a bit of distortion in this pic; that black BT stripe above the chrome is symmetrical.
nice job!

I bought 2 skywriters just for the cones.and to build one myself

great idea on the monokote!

The VEGA really looks great...!!!
I've often seen them in catalogs or online, but I've never built one... Are the pods ridged or do they have a sorta spring bounce to them?... like the MARS LANDER had rubber band shock absorbers? just curious...
Mine are fixed, as on the original. The dowels go up to the cone shoulder in each pod and are held by two cardboard centering rings. I used lots of CA, so they should hold. If not, they are easily fixable.
The upscale Q Modeling Vega has spring loaded pads and I've seen others do this to the Super Vega. I'm sure you could easily install springs on this one, but I just wanted to get mine finished!
Someone mentioned the QModeling upscale (BT-60) Vega kit. Here's a "beauty shot" of mine.