Starlights first post back here with a recesion busting deal

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bob jablonski

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Jan 30, 2009
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Yah I finaly go the ability to post...:D
As stated on another forum we are having a recesion buster till mid march.
We are selling the parts for you to make a "E" Skeeter (Balsa nose cone body tube fin stock and lug) for $1.50 each set plus shipping. Jim Z has the plans.
Nad we don't do a buch of direct sales but for this sale time we will discount 10% off our full line of kits and parts on our web site. As we dont have a shopping cart on the site you need to e-mail me at [email protected]
Mr. Bob
Starlight's Back here need to bring some of those Skeeters to Three Oaks! If I happen to see you at a launch I'd love to pick one up. Are you going to be selling these "E" skeeters at Red Arrow Hobbies?

Hmmm...E Skeeter...Sounds like a candidate for some glass and an upgrade to G or H motors. :cool: Better yet, I could use these from some Goonies.

By the way, that Jayhawk I got from you loves C6's. :D