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May 25, 2004
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*NOTE* this is my first attempt at righting a review so please let me know if I’m doing a good job or not. *NOTE*

Starlight Spike

First impression:

The kit was packaged in a clear plastic bag with printed cardboard backing showing a picture of the assembled rocket along with its details. Inside the bag were all the large parts and a smaller bag containing the smaller parts. The directions were printed on two sheets of paper folded up inside the main bag. It looked to me like they were copies of copies and were blurry and hard to read. The font was a little small and like someone else said the pictures looked like they were drawn by a 5 year old.


The body tube (BT) is made of rolled cardboard and is very smooth. The lines around the BT are very small and probably will not be noticed when painted. The BT is also preprinted with lines for fin placement and launch lug. The Nosecone is made of balsa and only needs light sanding. The Fins are actually 3 wooden dowels 6 inches long by 1/8 inch. Small finlets are also supplied and look to be laser cut. Kit has small paper launch lug and motor block and uses an 18 inch foil streamer. One nice thing they have included is a motor spacer dowel that is premarked for motor block placement.

I will go more in-depth on parts and directions as needed during assembly post which should be tomorrow.


The directions are easy to follow but physically hard to read due to the quality of the print. The installation of the motor block was mistake proof with the use of the motor spacer dowel they included. The screw eye for the nose cone is a little to small due to the small hole in the bottom of the nose cone from the lathe (my opinion). A little larger one would fit much better. After closer inspection of the finlets, the mounting sides are not flat but have a slight angle to them. Being that they are so small one has to be careful when sanding them. The 3 fin dowels are beveled but have to be sanded a bit to get them to fit correctly. The directions don’t tell you to sand any of the parts until after the assembly is complete. I would do a light sanding before starting so as to not break it apart. Putting together the recovery system was a breeze. All in all this was a easy build with only a little sanding adjustments needed.

Pictures to come.

Assembly photos:

BT with finlets and lunchlug attached.

Assembly photos:

Attaching the wooden dowel fins.

Assembly photos:

Here is the body with nose cone and dowel fins all attached. And yes Im doing this at work. I love my job.


Woops, no image. next reply.

Isn't it great to be able to build at work? :cool:

Now, I'll one-up you: Do you have your very own building room/desk at work? I just applied the first coat of primer on my current build moments ago - and yes, I'm at work. :D
Originally posted by Fore Check
Isn't it great to be able to build at work? :cool:

Now, I'll one-up you: Do you have your very own building room/desk at work? I just applied the first coat of primer on my current build moments ago - and yes, I'm at work. :D

It’s like this. I work civil service for the Air Force maintaining Meteorological / Navigational systems. I maintain/inspect/repair/modify/adjust ect….. the Instrument Landing System (ILS), Tactical Air Navigation System (TACAN) and all the weather equipment on the airfield. I have 3 shelters along the runway. The red and white checkerboard buildings you see at airports. Only myself and my two coworkers are allowed inside these shelters due to safety of flight FAA rules. We can do almost anything we want in them. Hell we even have Direct TV in one of them. I’m like a fireman, if noting is broken and we have all our inspections done we sit around in the shop and surf the net. I think I have a cool job.

Here is a link to my personal job website I created long ago. I think all the pics work but one. These are pics of my shelters here where I work.

My Job

I'm with you on the "if it ain't broke" part. That's about 75% of my day - an entire office trailer to myself doing whatever I want, just listening to the 2-way radio and caretaking the operation.
Finished Product

Well here it is, I still want to put a coat of clear on it and some decal (not included) but all in all it was a easy build and I kinda like the way it looks. I give it a thumbs up.

I hope to flight test it this weekend. Ill let you all know how that turned out.

Next is the F-32 Avenger

I flew the spike on a C6-5 and it did a corkscrew all the way up. Nice big curves all the way up. It was kinda cool to watch. Only launched it once so far so not sure if it was the motor or the rocket. Recovery system worked great. Cant wait to try again to see if it does it again.