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Sep 6, 2004
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I now have the complete line of Starlight Model Rockets.

And as usual they are marked REAL LOW....

These are good quality no frills rocket kits. they cover skill level 1 to skill level 3. There are a 2 stager and a boost glider in the mix.

Retail-------------------Our Price

Apogee $8.95-----------$7.50
F-32 Avenger $12.95---------$11.00---Fighter Type Design
Firestar $5.95-----------$4.75
Micro $2.95-----------$2.25
Nano $4.49-----------$3.50
Nimbus $6.95-----------$5.75
Queeze-Bee $8.95-----------$7.50 ---Spin Fin Design
Sparrow $5.95-----------$4.75 ---Boost Glider
Spike $5.95-----------$4.75 ---Odd Ball
Whiplash II $9.95-----------$8.50 ---2 Stager

Also have some of their nice mylar chutes and reduced prices.

I would also like to thank all of you who have bought from us in the past. TRF has been a great source of sales and advice.