Starlight F32- Avenger Preview

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Jan 19, 2009
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A full review will be posted to EMRR after I get this bird in the air (this month):

This is my first Starlight kit. Got it from

The kit is straightforward to build and the instructions are easy to follow. They include illustrations, some obviously hand-drawn to assist in the build.

It is an 18mm rocket and includes a wire motor hook. The nose cone is balsa and the fins are pre-cut balsa. I found the tubes to be sturdy, but when I measured them, they seemed to be estes-like. The kit came with self-adhesive decals.

There is some attention to detail with the use of dowels.

The recovery is a 1/8” elastic (round) that is “weaved” through a paper that is glued into the upper body tube. This is slightly different than the 3-fold method. The parachute was an ASP Mylar.

The nose cone was really grainy and had a very ragged shoulder edge. Took a lot of fill (I need to find an easier way to finish balsa).

Looking forward to flying it. My finished kit weighs 1.5 oz.