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Mar 14, 2009
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Has anyone ever sent a kid or helped out with one of the STARBASE foundation events? They are week-long heavily science/math oriented day-camps grades 4-6. I'm kinda mad cause' I'm a little old (30 yrs too old) to participate, but I am trying to get my NAR section involved with the rocketry part. I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to go about this.

Honestly, I think the NAR needs to be a partner in this - these kids DO build and fly rockets.

If you need to, Google Starbase foundation for a lot more info than I want to put in a post here.
Three of our children participated when we were assigend to Robins Air Foce Base in Georgia. They absolutely loved it. It was a week long session on math and science primarily.

They did build a rocket kit. The session was split into two days so the work from day one could dry before finishing on day two. The last event of the week all the parents attended to see what the kids had created and watch each child launch their own rocket.

Twelve years later they still talk about the science projects they worked on during the week.

And I still have their rockets as part of our collection.