Stand alone tilt meters?

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Jun 30, 2015
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Palmyra, NY
Does anyone know if there are any stand alone tilt meters on the market that would work for rocketry? I'm looking for something that I could use inline with other electronics for inhibition of firing a second stage. For example, wiring the output of the third channel of an rrc3 to a tiltmeter that keeps the ignitor circuit open unless it falls within certain tilt criteria.
Not that I am aware of. The was the tiltometer, but that is out of production due to certain parts being EOL.

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Tilt meters in other applications may be based on accelerometers. They don't work in rocketry. You need one that uses gyros.
That said, try the Eagletree Guardian model airplane stabilizer, as Alyssa Stenberg did in her R&D project a few years ago.
They run about $65.00.

(Sorry if this wasn't helpful... I don't know your background.)