staging with quest motors

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The composite Quest Q-Jets cannot be ignited by BP.

If you read far enough, there are some people who have had some success lighting BP motors from the ejection charge of composite motors. However, you cannot buy composite motors with -0 delays. So you're either into drilling delays to non-certified times (also, AT/Quest does not recommend drilling the delays on Quest Q-Jets), so that's EX territory, or you need to do some very careful sim work to ensure that your rocket will still be sufficiently vertical at the end of the shortest available delay to make igniting the second stage safe. In general, this is likely to only work reasonably well with extremely high-thrust, short-burn motors such as the F44.
No. You'll need electronics for that... preferably some kind of altimeter with an airstart function and some kind of safety lockout if the rocket isn't at the appropriate altitude/velocity/angle at the time of ignition.