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Jan 18, 2009
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My job sucks so bad that I have a lot of time to let my mind wander.
Today it started wo(a)ndering about staging.
Specifically, it wondered if there is a method of staging wherein the first stage has, say 5, engines like the Saturn V.
Would there be any use for lighting the center one and two opposite each other, then at burnout, light the other two.
Kind of like two stages in one.
You could even drop the first stage and do it again in a second stage.

In this wonderfully detailed illistration, light engines 1, 3, & 5.
Then light 2 & 4 for the second act.

1 . 2
. 3 .
4 . 5

periods are there for spacing purposes only

Lame question maybe, but somewhere my mind went while driving a fork lift at high speeds carrying glass containers of highly toxic chemicals on a broken pallet over a bumpy road upwind of a preschool/retirement home.
Not really, I work at a K-Mart, which is why I have LOTS of time to think.
Thanks for your time,
i don't have much experience in clustering or staging, but I'm guessing its possible. sorry I'm not much help
Wouldnt this just be a case of airstarting motors 2 & 4 with a timer?

Yes, this is as mentioned, called "Air Starting" and is done alot at hpr launches these days. One of the best and most reliable timers I have seen is the Perfectflite timers. You can get one that uses breakwires for $24 or the full top-o-da-line version with built in G-switch for $42. The best bang for the buck to date! I actually use the big version for my Upscale Fliskits Tres and it works well. Note when I say big, its about 1.5" x 2"...the small verison is postage stamp sized. ...take a look.

I just had to comment on 11Bravo's handle and Title.... "Hoo-Rah!!!!!!"
I pretty much figured on airstarting or something.
I had checked around in various places and glossaries but could find no mention of starting a second bunch of motors in a given stage. Ditching the first stage and airstarting a second stage yes, but not more engines in the first stage.
Maybe something cool for me to look into a loooooong ways down the road.
Are you an 11Booger too?
Some would say that I am not a real Infantryman, as I served 12 years in the Iowa Army National Guard; only active time was Basic and AIT. But I figure I graduated from the Infantry School at Ft. Benning, I got the service ribbon and blue cord, I'm an Infantry man. I enlisted what the Guard calls "Split Option" and went to Basic between my junior and senior years in high school, then went back for AIT after I graduated. I did enlist into the delayed entry program just about 13 years ago now, but was injured (in a fight of all things) before I shipped. Had some minor nerve damage in my face (there were three of them against me, I think I actually did all right right up till the very end) and was not alowed to ship. Biggest regret of my life, bar none, is that I did not serve active duty.

Anyway, thanks all for the replies, if anyone else knows more, please let me know.

Originally posted by 11Bravo
Are you an 11Booger too?
A long time ago...

I did something similar to you. When I was in college, I joined the Pennsylvania National Guard and went to Basic and AIT at Ft. Benning in 1983 during a break between semesters. Went back to college and when I finished I went active duty for 3 years with the 101st Air Assault at Ft. Campbell, KY and then 2nd ID at Camp Hovey in South Korea. After that, I spent another year in the Georgia National Guard and got out 2 weeks before they locked everyone in for the first Desert Storm in 1990. Lots of crazy things back then... Airborne, Air Assault, ... Ahhh, the good ol' days... Total time in service Active and Reserve = 8 years.