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May 8, 2012
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Southern Calif
I don't know about most of you, but I always have an issue with stack sanding balsa fins or pieces. It seems even the slightest tilt you can ruin the edge(s). So I was thinking what would be a simple way to stack sand the edges of fins or other pieces.

What I do is I tape a piece of sand paper to a piece of wood that is flat or you can use your work bench. Take an aluminum angle and place over the sanding area on the sand paper. Now take your fins stack evenly and press them against the angle as a guide to sand them uniform. I mean you could probably go one step further and actually screw the angle into the piece of wood and loosen it when you want to change out the sand paper or you can just move the paper one direction as it becomes worn.

These is a cheap way to insure perfect edges without removing too much material trying to correct sanding errors.
I have found that with a couple of spring clamps to hold the Al angle in place, the sandpaper tends to not move. down side for me is, the gray marks left on the fins, primer doesn't seem to have an issue with them so no biggie.
Excellent ideas, thanks for sharing! I normally apply sand paper minimally because that is where I tend to mess up. I will have to give this/these ideas a go!