SR-71, 22 years in a box and still flew great!

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Jun 5, 2017
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I figured I would share this with everyone for some good memories. About 1995 was when I made my last rocket before I got back into the hobby two years ago. The last rocket I built, and never flew, was the estes SR-71 blackbird kit. I finally flew it at roctober at Lucerene dry lake. The unpainted, carried around in a box with all my other forgotten estes rockets, flew perfectly with a nice slow roll on take off with a C6-5 till it hit a great stable no roll flight. The nose cone ejected and the shock cord snapped. The body tumbled "gracefully" to the ground and landed without incident and some helpful scouts retrieved the cockpit with parachute still wrapped up.

It was a great thing for me to watch and I'm glad I finally flew it!