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May 21, 2016
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Madison, AL
Hey ALL!

Have you ever finished a build and had some of the balsa sheet remnants sitting on your table and wondered... Hmmm, that piece looks like a fin. And hey, Estes packaged an extra 1"x2.6" body tube that can serve as a ring fin...

Well it just so happens that I was looking through the sheet balsa remnants (hey, I keep anything big; you never know!) and came across the punch outs from the mega mosquito rocket. So, while I wait for decent weather to try and match SCIGS paint job on his ASM (fat chance on that but I'll try... already blew it on the first one...), I had some bt-55 along with the "fins" balsa and gonna scratch together a Squitto Squasher!

Here's the ORK.

View attachment Squitto Squasher.ork

The beauty of this is all I have to do is mark the tube, glue the fins (I'll probably paper them) on, find a nose (have a long discombobulated alien nose cone from the science fiction assort), and build a motor mount (will have to wait for a bt-50 motor mount to get here). Easy Squeezy!

I'll post more later!


ps. oh yeah, almost forgot, the motor mount is big so I can send this thing HIGH and FASSST (G's and F's)... Mosquitoes don't stand a chance with this thing!
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