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Jan 19, 2004
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Wow .... this is one neet looking little rocket. As you can see from the pic I have mine underway. Excellent laser cut fins, nice balsa nose cone, good quality tube, easy to follow directions... what more could you ask for ???!!! I hope to have her ready to fly by this weekend !!!
I got mine in the mail today, along with the Art Applewhite 29mm Stealth Qubit, my Squirrelworks Red Baron, and my Fliskits Stingray. My wife was pretty keen on seeing the Stealth built, so that one is under construction, with glue fillets drying.

The Spirit of Texas is next on the workbench though!

That lil' rocket is sweet ! What does it fly on ? They look realy nice fins !
Ive seen the 24mm Qubit , that realy is nice! It does a little spin on descent lol , you should be pleased with the 29mm version!
wow that thing will realy fly! What dia is that tube ?
LOL Never fly it on a C unless you have blue sky and ALOT of space! Ive got the Estes Wizard , and it will give the camera man whiplash on a B impulse motor ! .
I have a lot of space .... blue skys and calm days are few and far between though !!!
If it's a bit windy or you're in a small field, angle the launch rod into the wind. It'll save you a little recovery time.

I got my Spirit of Texas yesterday.
I am well impressed. Went together very easy and already has a coat of primer on it. Can't wait to fly it:)
Finally .... put the finishing touches on my "Spirit of Texas" this morning .... kit came out looking FANTASTIC .... except for I messed up the windshield decal so bad I can't use it now :-(

The decals where kindof a pain but worth the effort !!!

What's the chances of getting a replacement windshield decal Squirrelworks ???
I love the "Spirit of Texas" kit. That thing REALLY scoots man! I had a great flight on it at NSL on a C engine... Flew it in my small field the other day. Decided to go with a B engine. It STILL went incredibly high!:eek: Had some wind that day, saw it go down over some trees bordering a small lake/pond. Could never find it :( :kill: :mad: Gonna need another one eventually.
That sux that you lost yours !!! I'm not sure but I think that the "Spirit" version was a limited production run ... Squirrelworks still has the Space Ranger listed on it's website though.
After watching Don's model *zip* off the pad at NSL, I bought a pack of A8-5's to fly mine on (when I get around to building it, that is...) :kill: