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Jan 17, 2009
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The 2004 National Sport Launch will be the first national event attended by The Squirrel Works. We’re going all our for this event.

First, we will be releasing two new kits, the Stinger and JX-1. The Stinger is an easy to build sport rocket. The JX-1 is the fourth in our classic sci-fi series. Both feature laser cut parts and water slide decals.

We will also debut our first printed catalog (in full color) this weekend.

We’ve had several vendors contact us about carrying our kits. We are kicking off our new wholesale program at the NSL. We will have a special wholesale catalog available for vendors who are interested in our kits.

Lastly, we will have the prototype of our upcoming Vulture kit on display.

Hope to see you there!
Your Display was nicely done. Your Kits are packaged professionally and I hope to see them on the pegs soon.

Jim, Looks like you have some competition!!!
Hey Chris,

Thanks for the compliments. Don put a lot of effort into the display stands and I must say they did make great sails. Seriously, there were a few times on Saturday that I thought the whole setup was just going to pickup and fly away. Gusts up to 40 and people were still flying.

On the packaging. Our intent has always been to move into wholesale and the packaging was designed from the start for shelf appeal. I’m a little relieved to hear someone thinks we’re doing it right. As for distribution in your area, I have several names my call list in and around Scottsdale, but no firm commitments. Wish me luck.

It was good to meet the both of you, Don and Terri! My sons were particularly impressed with your pet squirrels - and I was impressed to actually see and handle your products. Can't wait to get started on my Spirit of Texas!
I hope Adventure Hobbies in Chandler is on your list. That is a very Rocket Friendly shop.

At least your EZ-up wasn' t the one that went through the back window of that Impala. LOL.
Hi guys,

The NSL was fun for all of us, including the squirrels. I have to confess that I love having all the kids come by and visit. There were some real cuties there, (kids not squirrels), and it just amazes me how young some of them are when they begin to build and fly. Of course it shouldn't, Don was only six when he built his first rocket. It was an MPC Moon Go. He had never seen a model rocket before and had just begun building plastic kits; so he had no idea it was really meant to fly. I'm not sure how he finally figured it out, but he's been hooked ever since.

As for Adventure Hobbies. I've added them to my list and should be contacting them next week.

Thanks for the support, you guys are great,


PS: Not our tent, but it was a friends car. Poor Doug, he didn't even get mad. Just taped up the window and went to fly a rocket.