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Seems logical, especially if the CG is biased toward the front end of the rocket and drag from the nose cone doesn't keep the rocket horizontal. Maybe have the nose cone come down separately on its own streamer?
you have a point that nose cone may be so light as built that it doesn't pull the body forward end down. Hadn't thought of that. May need to add some nose weight. My preference is to keep the rocket in one piece whenever practical (obviously doesn't work for staged rockets and boost gliders.)

At least one person modified the flip flyer to come down as a single piece. Shout out to @5x7
https://www.rocketryforum.com/threads/flip-flyer-question.154167/posts 14-16

As I mentioned earlier, would like to see Estes next revision of this build this into the design, integrate the rotor retainer ring into the nose cone, extend the rotors the length of the rocket. Would be simpler, longer hang time, no wadding or parachute packing required, and only one piece to track.