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Jan 4, 2004
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Hi I would like to build a sprint for my level 1 cert.
Has anyone done anything simular?
I know the kits can be bought for 38 mm engines with 3" tubing.
Any pros or cons doing a scratch build myself?
I'm really looking forward to doing my cert:D
At first I was going to get the X-calibur from PML but I really like the Sprint design.
having never certed, but love scratch building, I say go for it. It isn't a complicated design, just very VERY cool and should make a great L1 subject

just my uniformed 2 cents :)
Hey Extreme-

The high power "Sprint" styled kits can be found at BSD Rocketry. Their Sprint doesn't have a boat tail like the classic Estes Sprint. Their version with a boat tail is called the Apache.

I really enjoy building their kits and have greatly enjoyed the performance and looks of my Sprint (their stock paint scheme is VERY sharp!).

Using a kit to cert does have the advantages of tried and tested designs, proven instructions and components and support from the kit manufacturer. The primary advantage of scratch building is the savings in cost.

Good luck on your cert. Keep us posted with PICS!
I built an upscale Sprint last summer for my daughter. Like the one on Rocketreviews, I made it a 2.6" version for 29mm motors with a boat-tail like the original Estes version. For the nosecone, I bought some wooden balls about 3/4" in diameter from Michaels Arts and Crafts. Then with a Dremel, I ground a step just below the diameter. I cut the tip off of a stock 4:1 ogive nosecone (LOC, I believe) and then epoxied the wooden sphere in place. With a little putty, you can't even find the transition and it almost perfectly duplicates the profile of the original.

We've flown it several times and it flies great on Econoject motors. If you wanted to upscale it further to a 4" version, I think the design would be fine. I certified Level 1 on a cloned Excel, which has about the same proportions as the Sprint. The boat-tail might be a little harder to build because of the additional diameter.
I've done four of these type rockets, the first was the BSD 3" Sprint..

The next three were all 2.6" scratch builds.. in different paint schemes..

I like them alot and the 2.6" birds really fly nice on G64's

Pics are on my page if you're interested in looking at them, the 2.6"ers are under my scratch build section
man that is a gorgeus rocket(paint)
The more I see the Sprint the more I like it.
It just seems so simple but the styling with those fins really make it look awesome.
I've had my eyes on the Canadian edition they have since I'm Canadian EH :p

I guess a kit would be a good starting point for level1.
What does the engine mount look like ?
I haven't seen any close ups yet of any.
Thanxs to everybody who has replied so far.
I have a regular scale sprint I'm bulding right now except for the nose cone.