Spring into rocketry season! Launch Mar. 27, Sayre, OK - Tripoli Okla.

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Mar 21, 2011
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This is the last chance to practice or get certified before the Argonia Cup Challenge. It looks like it will be a beautiful day with low winds and lots of sunshine! Wear sunscreen!

We'll be putting the launch pads out about 10:00 am. Everything, everyone is welcome! Mod rocks? Great! Flying an EX motor? You're welcome, too. Our waiver is to 16,500 AGL (if you're flying anything approaching 10,000 AGL, please notify the prefect). Why fly with us at Sayre? Because it's flat! Argonia looks like the Rocky Mountains! Plus, milo and buffalo* free! We now have Featherweight trackers with carrier sleds to use at the launch. *the buffalo are back, but they keep to themselves (absolutely NO llamas, though!)

Location: Sayre Municipal Airport, 6.2 miles South (on Hwy 283) of the Flying J truck stop at Exit 20 on Interstate 40. Indoor bathroom with a sink! (not a plastic box) Lots of flat land to recover in.

Launch schedules through May have been posted on the web site: https://www.tripolioklahoma.org/
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