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Jan 18, 2009
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Has anyone tried to spray paint a sheet of decal paper with the old Krylon formula (or any other paint) and use it as a decal?
Are you trying to create a full page of, say, red decal paper? Krylon is well known to wrinkle decal paper. I have ruined decals this way myself. Perhaps another brand will work?

Can you be a little more specific with what your trying to do Raul?

Depends on who's decal paper your using and what color Krylon. However; in all cases it has to be done in very light misting coats until you build up the overall color your looking for.
As Phred mentioned spary just a little to heavily and it'll wrinkle the page in a heartbeat.

Personally I've done this with Old formula Krylon White, Yellow, a couple Blues and Red. Black for some reason ALWAYS wrinkles the paper regardless of the paper brand or how lightly it's misted.
From some time now I've switched to Only using Decal papers from Micro-Mark. A little more expensive but always exactly what I expect and every single sheet is perfect.
Sorry for not being more specific. I am painting my EAC Viper at the moment. I am using Krylon's old formula Rich Plum Gloss for the nose cone. I wanted to try this technique to cut stripes of the same color and use them on the BT and fins. This way I would use the decal strips to match the NC color without having to mask the BT and the fins to spray them.
John: The decal paper I have I got from Tango Papa and it is for ALPS printers. I just sprayed about 1/4 of a sheet with Old Formula Krylon Rich Plum Gloss and it looks like it is holding. Gave it one wet coat that covered the entire piece. Plan is to leave it there for a few days until it completly cures then see if I can cut it into stripes for the Viper's fins.
This morning I cut a 2" L x 3/16" W piece of the paint covered decal paper. Dipped it in water and wrapped the decal around a bt-20... no paint cracked or chiped from the decal... the decal film was suprisingly flexible. I should have no problem applying the purple stripes to my EAC Viper clone...
As long as the paint applied to the decal paper didn't wrinkle during the initial application it'll work as well as any solid color decal sheet you buy in the store;)
Glade to see your decal paper worked out for you.
This is great news. I will have to try it out.

Thanks for posting!

I just finished applying the decals about an hour ago and they look fine to me. I even made one for the stripe by the NC... :cool: