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May 8, 2012
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Southern Calif
I remember reading awhile and I think it was in a Sports Rocketry edition, which one is the question? The article I was reading talked about the techniques the builders at ESTES use to build the catalog models.

I remember they had mentioned one of the things they do is they cut new pieces to replace all the balsa pieces. They would use basswood as the replacement wood. They also went on to mention that they would also paint the engine mount black before assembling it into the airframe. Not sure why, but it always stayed in my mind and wondered why this was done. Anyway I know I have the magazine, but not sure what the date is on it. I have about 6-7 years on the magazine. I tried looking through them all, but must have overlooked it somewhere??

If any of you know which article I'm describing let me know.

Thanks again!
The article was “Estes Modeling Secrets” in the NAR member guidebook. Pg.48. It was in this year’s edition, and it may also be in past editions.
I would send a picture of the cover, but it happens that I am also affected by the photo issues.