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Don't normally get it but if it's worth getting I'll order one from Apollo 11.
I dunno, maybe it's just me being impatient, maybe it's not out yet, but I thought I saw a discussion of an issue I hadn't had yet.
but, i got the Sept/Oct issue of Sport Rocketry a couple days ago.

nice pic of the TDD Models and quite a few other goodies.
The Sept/Oct issue? I've had my issue for about a week now. :) I dunno where your's is..

Got mine a couple days ago too. How bout that pick of the Goblin with the Deuce motormount!
Originally posted by sandman that...our own...Fore Check???:confused:


I guess I'll have to go get a copy next week when I'm "in town."

Now I'm curious....
Well, I found someone else's website that had a picture of the cover of the latest issue of Sport Rocketry - and the headline of "National Sport Launch 2004" tells the story. It must be my 24mm Deuce's Goblin; it flew there, and several photos were taken.
Actually you're in there twice!

There is also a pic of you and your younguns with the Tour de Deuce models.
Is this the Goblin pic?


The pics must be right out of Jim's Photo Album on his site. At least, that's where the above pic came from. ;)
yep, i think it is :) good stuff. I just wished they had referred to your Deuce Goblin as a Deuce Goblin... LOL

What *did* they refer to it as?

(my apologies - it will be Friday or Saturday before I can pick up a copy...)
The caption reads:

"Why just upscale when you can turn your Goblin into a twin-engine mutant?"
My issue of Sport Rocketry finally arrived today - I must live in the boondocks if folks over in "perfidious Albion" got theirs before me.

Ah well, I live in Alabama, home of the Crimson tide and Judge Roy Moore - what more need I say?

Forecheck, I loved your Goblin Deuce! or should I say Deuce Goblin? Anyway, it looks to be a great performer.

(I think I am going a little nuts during my Deuce build - caught myself looking at a Big Bertha kit today, and found myself redesigning it into a "Bertha La Deuce")

This edition of Sport Rocketry looks to be a very good read - Saturn series info, report on the NSL, and the history of the Mars Snooper. What more could a BAR ask for?

Maybe a little faster delivery on the darn magazine... :rolleyes:
Bill,whats odd is
I'm not far from you at all, and I recieved mine 2 wks ago
the mailman actually parked at the mailbox in his jeep for a few and was thumbing thru it. well atleast now he knows what those "propellant devices" he delivers here are for.
Originally posted by SpaceGarbageMan
My issue of Sport Rocketry finally arrived today - I must live in the boondocks if folks over in "perfidious Albion" got theirs before me.

I know that some of the folks over here (UK) get their copy via a bulk mailing from a dealer and it usually arrives before my NAR subscribed copy, which got here today via Sweden. I have had 2 issues go missing this year (quickly replaced as soon as I told NAR - thanks).
I have just renewed my subs and taken advantage of the great exchange rate to upgrade to airmail, so let's see how quick they are now.