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Jan 9, 2004
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The spool rocket I built was a section of thin walled PVC and only 1 CD, in the forward position. The launch lug was a soda straw and hot glue secured everything together. The ejection charge was allowed to go right through the hole in the disk and out to open air.

I got out of my class and headed to my local park with spool rocket (now called sprocket), some assorted 18mm motors and a launch pad.

All three flights went really well. Each time I had a crowd of kids on recess watching me. The first one was a B6-4. Went up and came down a ways before ejecting and throwing motor out the back. Found it okay and no damage.

Next one was a C6-3 because I wanted a little less delay. Took off straight away and pretty high, ejection charge went off on the way down and again ejected the motor. No damage

Third launch was a C6-5. Went up perfect and came down to about 50 feet and fired the charge. Motor didn't eject and this induced a rapid spin of the rocket. It was cool. Kids loved it.

I make EX PVC motors and always have wanted a CHAD way to flight test them. Now I'll just convert them to sprockets for flight tests and know that they will be stable.
If you're in the Home Depot you may be able to talk them out of one of the small one pieces wire spools, which are made of plastic and weight about 6 ounces, then use a D or E on them. We have one here which landed on a rock and broke, a little epoxy and it went off again and is still going strong. All you'll need is a 24 mm motor tube and a bit of sandpaper to make the hole large enough to handle the tube.............and oh yeah a parachute.