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Dec 24, 2003
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I was wondering...

Has anybody ever tried making a spill hole on a nylon chute that could be opened and closed with Velcro. On first consideration it sounds like a way to reduce the amount of stuff I tote around

ok ok, parachutes are not that heavy

while still giving me the most flexibility.

I have done it on the underside of the spill-hole - I use snaps - like on jackets and such - I feel better about them than the velcro and less stiff to fold up. I have about 6 snaps and it works great.

duffel bag style?

That way the opening can be set to any convenient diameter.
duffel bag style?

That way the opening can be set to any convenient diameter.
I see how a drawstring could be done - would have to be built into the chute when sewing it - not a big deal there. I have never thought of that cause I usually want it closed or open. I might have to try that.

If you wanted to retro-fit a parachute with a drawstring system I just thought up a way. You can go to any scrapbooking shop (seems to be en vogue now) and get the 1/8" eyelets. Then buy a set tool and a 1/8 punch and your set. Put eyelets around your spillhole - run string through them and then you can cinch it up. :)

think alike.

My wife is into scrap book/paper crafts and has these very items in her stash. I have already used the small gromets on some LPR streamers.