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Feb 6, 2004
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Speaking of bargains, you folks aren’t gonna believe this one! I went back to the Hobby Lobby where I got the F21-8W motors mentioned in my earlier post because I saw an Initiator starter set that did not have a price on it. I figured I would ask to see what they wanted for it. Mind you, I was not really in the market for a complete starter set, but I thought I would check it out. I took it up to the counter and asked the lady the price. She could not find it and I was honest and told her I thought the rocket alone was about 50 bucks or so. She called for a manager and asked them to find the price and they came back with $19.99! I asked her if she was sure that was right, and she said that was the price and asked me if I wanted 2 of 'em. :D I said sure, but that was the last one they had (imagine that). I walked out of the store with the set and was just about to pee my pants!

Guys, make sure you check your local HL stores often, because this is the second awesome bargain I have found. The first was a Mustang for $13.99. I have been in this store a bunch, but had never seen the above motors, Initiator kit, etc. before. I figure some manger went on a cleaning spree and found them in the back room and decided they had to go. Can you tell I am all wound up about this? :cool:

I found one on clearance in OKC for $49, then when I went to Little Rock for work, I found another for $19 I could not pass up at a Hobby Lobby in Little rock. If you looked at all the yellow clearance stickers on it, and their dates, they maked it down by $10 a month, after they had put it on clearance for the inital $89. I believe the reason for the good prices on Aerotech is; Hobby Lobby had made a purchase deal with Aerotech, and received their first shipments, just before the Aerotech fire. After the fire, they were unable to meet demand of customers, and not being able to get product, they did not renew the purchase agreements. They then procedded to clear what stock they had, so what we are seening now is very old stock. Do not take my word on this, but ithis is how I had heard it rumored, and it made sense to me! BTW congrats on the purchase.
The Aerotech stuff was discounted because HobLob has discontinued this line of rocket supplies.

During the Great Motor Drought of -Ought One, the sales of Aerotech kits cratered because no one could find motors to launch them with. At the HobLob stores in my area, Aerotech motors virtually disappeared from their shelves. So they dropped the entire line.

In stores in the Fort Worth area, HobLob did not put their Aerotech stuff on clearance (believe me, I tried HARD to find some). Instead, they pulled all that inventory back and sent it off somewhere else.

Hey, maybe YOU got MY starter set!
Originally posted by powderburner

During the Great Motor Drought of -Ought One.....

Oh man... *this* is going to go down as one of the great rocketry quotes of the 21st century. Mark my words...

wow 19 bucks what a deal. The motors are worth that much alone (if its the SU one)
i have asked this on another thread.
where is hobby lobby. any close to minnesota?
heck, for these prices i can afford to drive to another state if necessary.
hmm, any in the KC area? i lived there for a few years and i like to go back there to visit.
Thanks for the map!
I have a sister-in-law that Lives in Greensboro NC. Might have to time a visit down there with a sale!:D
Whenever you see a rocket at HL without a price tag, ask. I got a 70 dollar wart-hog for 10 bucks due to a missing price tag. I should ask at my HL if they have one of the Initiator sets, i could do with another one. (this time, it would be painted stock :rolleyes:)