Spaceship one on discovery channel

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Oct 11, 2004
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If Ya'll haveit seen the spaceship one, aired on the discovery channel. You need to watch it. I've seen both of them on the discovery channel and taped them on disc. It's showing on Next wedesday Dec.1 at 8 O'clock central Standard time. If your a true rockteer you don't won't to mess out.
Is it the documentary? I've seen that, but I'd like to tape it this time
thanks for the heads up
Originally posted by troutfinder293
If Ya'll haveit seen the spaceship one,

What da ya mean ya'll? It's pronounced you's...........and the documentary is awesome.

Now the obligatory ;-)
Yes its the first one on the documentary, It's where thay build the spaceship one. I don't know if part 2 is airing, showing about Spaceship one and the X-prize. It's a really good show. My wife tells me how many times im i going to watch it. LOL.