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Jan 17, 2009
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I picked up the Spaceship Handbook by Jack Hagerty, and Jon C Rogers at the end of November / early December. I have really enjoyed it. It use a similar format to Peter Alway's in Rockets of the World. He starts with Goddard, Oberth, and Tsiolkovsky, and then works through the von Braun Colliers / Disney stuff, Buck Rogers, Thunderbirds, G H Stein's novels, and into MOL, VentureStar, etc. A very good resource for fictional scale models. My only real complaint is that the pictures in the book are inconstantly captioned. Some are referenced in the text and the missing caption is not an issue, but many are uncaptioned. Over all a great read for the development of the spaceship in art, literature, and popular culture with great engineering drawings and modeling tips. Many of the modeling tips are aimed at building flyable models when feasible.

Just shy of $60 through Amazon (qualifies for free shipping)

Also just out, I believe, is the Saucer Fleet, I don't know if I'll pick it up, but is should proived some high drag scale saucer flying fun. On sale at amazon right now too.
I agree - the Spaceship Handbook is a great reference manual. I won a free copy as a door prize at NARCON 2007.
I received a copy for Christmas from my wife. I've read up through the theoreticians so far, and it has been a great read, and will be a great reference.
<snip>I won a free copy as a door prize at NARCON 2007.
I'm still bummed about missing NARCON 2007! :(
I'm still bummed about missing NARCON 2007! :(


Don't worry about not being able to come see us at NARCON 2007... We will just have to all come see you at NSL2009!
Will let me know what is in that, I'm sorta on the fence about getting that one.
Necropost, I know, but is this book out of print now? Is that why its $300+ everywhere?
Jack still had some copies left the last time I saw him (okay, that was last year) but if you contact him directly (he stops by here from time to time), who knows?
That's too bad that it is out of print, it is such a good reference
FYI, I got a hold of Jack, he's long run out of copies himself. :(