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Yes it has gotten quite big and bright, with all the solar arrays up now. Pretty good little presentation. They did miss the HTV the Japanese resupply vehicles which I believe start flying later this year. Last parts of the JEM/KIBO launch in June.
I think its simply amazing myself. When does it get up to six person capability?
I thought that with the latest mission to add the final solar array that it was officially upgraded to its full crew complement. Provided everything checks out, the next crew replacement should be larger.
I thought it had to have the last docking port up and running for evacuation, if needed before they could have 6.
I have some old data that says the Soyuz launch in May is supposed to bring us up to a crew of 6. However this may have slipped slightly with the rearranging of the HST (STS-125) and 2J/A (STS-127) missions. She is a sight to see the link below will help you determine when the ISS will overfly your area.