Space Station Rocket - Successful Launch Today

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Apr 30, 2021
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Northern NJ
I don't think I created a thread for this rocket so figured after the first mostly successful launch today it deserves a thread. I know Estes and others have created space station rockets like this but I wanted to do my own version (also wanted an excuse to use extra ping pong balls I had). Made from combination of 3D printed parts + BT50 main body tubes + BT20 smaller body tubes + ping pong balls + Nerf Rival balls. Some of these pictures are from an earlier iteration but give you a feeling for the construction. Ended up at 41" long (104cm) and 340g w/o engines or parachute(s).
1638643616037.jpeg 1638643646911.jpeg
I took some inspiration from a number of sources but mostly based on some graphics I saw for the Wandering Earth Movie...
1638643848859.jpeg 1638643861345.jpeg
I had struggled for a while with how I was going to launch this (it was so long, heavy, and skinny). Finally settled on breaking in middle rather than ejecting the nose cone and decided to use two 18" parachutes. Here is my launch video. Delay was too long on the E12-4 so parachute did not have time to slow it down much + bottom parachute got melted. Maybe I did not put enough dog barf or maybe I should have loaded chute higher up / half and half in the two sections. Anyway, other than my melted chute everything survived pretty well. The body tube bent just above the fins but I can slice the tube, reinforce w/ a 3D printed part, and repair pretty well.