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Jan 24, 2009
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With there only 5 flights lift, I think it is time for someone other than Sheri to release a mid or high power space shuttle kit.
I will second that. Something like the old NCR kit would be great.
Interesting that you should bring it up.

If things go as planned, I will be producing a shuttle kit in the next few months .

1/110 scale, foam orbiter, power by D12 or E9.

Intended more for flying (and gliding) than having lots of scale detailing.

More info here, including video, in a thread in the Scale part of TRF:

First two photos below by Steward Jones.

- George Gassaway




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Looking real forward to this Shuttle Kit George. I have often wounder why the big companys hadn't thought of this kind of kit.
I have the Estes Shuttle stack and am a big fan of all things shuttle, despite the problems with STS during its history. It's still an incredible machine, warts and all. I'd be interested in George's kit as I am sure it will be well engineered. Despite the claim of it being more for flying than scale detail, I have no doubt it will still look really good, given its maker! As far as Sheri's kit goes, who knows if you can even get one with everything that's going on with her right now. A shame, as all her scale kits are top notch.

Maybe one that will fly on a H or I motor :)
Thats a nice rocket ya got there George. I to would be interested in one