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May 8, 2012
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Southern Calif
I would really love to build a space shuttle stack. The only one I know of is the Estes. Does anyone make a larger scale? I was considering a scratch build but not sure where to begin or what would need?
If you could find someone willing to sell one, NCR used to have a 1/72 scale full stack. Last one I saw on Ebay was for $1100.00 back in the mid 2000's, I think. NCR is back in business, maybe pester Matt into making a run...
I have a friend who has one still in the box. It's cool looking, but reports we read back in the day suggested it flew like a brick. Our own GG has a link here
One off my favorite project topics...:)
NCR Shuttle...$1100 on Ebay..? :y::eyepop: A lot of money for a 1/72nd
Larger versions?
I have a 1/48th RC shuttle, scratch built (all balsa wood) from Luther Hux plans (1981)- saw him fly both of his RC versions - dropped off his twin engine "Snapshot Twin" RC plane, so I know it flies.
Haven't invested in the ET components yet, but got SRB nc 's from Sandman.
Luther Hux and his shuttle
hux 1.jpg

The Sheri's Hot Rockets space shuttle is a fair representation of what can be done, along with George G's many variants.
As long as you aren't trying to go finless, and don't attempt to have motors in the scale locations, should be doable. Single motor in the ET - offset, fin extensions off the SRBs, - like a big upscale of the old Estes kit version.
If you should find one of Sheri's kits you read Chan's kit/build review:

sheri-hot-rockets.jpg View attachment 334954
Light weight helps.......Scott Todds/ University High School in Fla. - SRBs were all foam, no motors in SRBs, they had no fin extensions...they flew the whole thing up, under radio control....
Shuttle Univ HS Fla.jpg
"Many have tried, many have failed".
Rolf 's attempt....
2008-05-17_Shuttleserie_005  2.jpg Shuttle%20Rolf.jpg SpaceShuttle_14.jpg

I think Andy Woerner's is one that actually worked....minimum fin area, motors in scale locations.
Woerner RC ShuttleA.jpg worener shuttle -liftoff1.jpg

Hanger 11 had a prototype vacuum formed plastic shuttle kit...not sure it ever flew, beyond a glide test.
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Gordon made my 3.44" ET cone and dome, and the BT58 SRB nose cones. He offered the SRB skirts, but those are pricey. He made the skirts for my Titan IIIe - awesome.