Space Ranger spotted in UK!

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Jan 19, 2009
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Here's my first "real" post!

Hope you like the SquirrelWorks Space Ranger in flight. It was a great kit to build. It had its first flight at the International Rocket Week (in Scotland) last month. I was actually too scared to fly it with an 18mm motor, so modified it to take 13mm motors instead! :D Awesome first flight on an A10-3T. Thanks to SquirrelWorks for the fantastic service - it arrived within 5 days!
Welcome to the Forum!!! Lots of great people here to help.

Was there supposed to be an attached pic? We all forget the pics sometimes:D
Yeah, there should have been a picture.....I test posted a pic in Area 51 and that worked fine so I reckon the Gremlins have been at work somewhere! I'll try again.... and on previewing this message, there's still no picture!

Guess it's off back to Area 51 for me:confused:
Oh well!!!Those Gremlins can somehow survive the G forces in my rockets too!!:D :D :D

Howzat! ;)

Folks: I've seen this model "in the flesh", and it is really cool.