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Jan 20, 2009
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Has anyone ever built a scale (or even semi-scale) version of the Russian Soyuz rocket line? I've always been intrigued with their odd appearance, and I think it might be an interesting project. Here's a pic of the series.

Here's another pic, showing the engine clustering. (and no, I have no idea what the writing says.)

It sure has been done!

Cosmodrome has a beautiful kit with a whole bunch of parts to it. The only problem with it is you have to be Level 1 to fly it. It flys on an "H". I guess that's not really a problem for some of us.:D

Peter alway has plans for an 18mm powered version and a few guys here (I'm sorry I forgot who...ring in please!) have built copies.

I have a few kits of it from a German company.

BUT!!! here is the top dog!

I'm sorry but I don't know who did this or how many engines it flys on but check out this pic from the World Space Modelling Campionships.

Kinda humbles us all!

I dunno, Sandman, that thing doesn't look like it was designed to actually fly... too purty, if you ask me. I've seen a design online somewhere that was for a single 18mm motor mount, but I'm looking for something that would actually let me USE those pods on the sides... they aren't just there for looks! Of course, if I were to put a 24mm motor in each of the pods, plus one in the center, I'd have to fill the nose cone with a couple pounds of solid lead to keep the thing stable!

Hello! WW, I've built one. Do a search on the forum for Vostok or Soyuz, you'll find alot of info. I built Peter Alway's 1/100 simplified Vostok. It's not hard or expensive to build, and alot of fun! I don't recall the web address, do an internet search for Vostok model rocket. Hope this helps.....loojack
WW, I've built one.


Oh yea...that was you!

Sorry but with 60,000 posts...I tend to loose track of who did what.

I am nearly completed a 1/62 Vostok, which I described in another thread.

All that's left to do is re-build the spacecraft hatch (I botched the 1st attempt, and wasn't satisfied with the second attempt) then attach the strap-ons.

This is a "boilerplate" model with no engine nozzles and little detail on the bottom half. It's a prototype to my building a larger (1/40) model, which will be more accurately detailed and fly clustered. My main goal for the boilerplate model is to determine adequate CG placement.

I'll post some completion photos in a couple of days.
If I had bothered to make a visit to the Tripoli page ( I would have seen that indeed, those things do fly! Was that built by anyone here, and if so, can you send me the plans?