Soyuz 1/25... why not ?

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Apr 30, 2021
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Northern NJ
Hi Daddy!!
I explain you my technique.
I prepare a sort of mold made with 3 or 4 cones done with light paper.
Same shape like the final one.
View attachment 490589
These cones are easy to make since the normal paper bends easily.

View attachment 490591

Then i put the cones one inside the others.

View attachment 490592
So the "mold" is done.

The final cone (thick paper) is pre-bended with the steam iron. Here below the tools used. (Not high tech... but they work. )

View attachment 490596

So the final cone is pre-bended and then inserted in the mold.

View attachment 490598

Then with the steam blowed in the cone inside, the paper gets the final shape.

View attachment 490600

Then, the cone is glued having as reference the printed lines. Since the cone is bended to the final shape, it keeps the position without particular effort.
Thank you so much for sharing how you did this with such great detail! Great technique!

This was a really amazing flight / build... Totally incredible. I love the look of that rocket but those cones looked to hard to build so I moved on to more cylindrical models...