Soviet space first made possible by captured US tech

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Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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An article and podcast about the first US photo reconnaissance missions (Genetrix Program balloons) over the Soviet Union and the Soviet's use of the temperature resistant and radiation hardened film captured from the balloons which were shot down for their Luna missions with interesting details on how this was done:

Faxes from the Far Side

Luna 3 tech details and revelation from a Ruskie involved with it about the film use:

Luna 3 - the first view of the moon's far side

Dern Reds steal everything ya throw at 'em.

Now if we could just reverse engineer those closed cycle motors! Bought lots of them from Putin who dumped them on the cheap, burned them up, let our industry languish but made some hefty short term profits:) Now have to buy them from Putin at inflated and corrupt prices! I guess the REDS know how to steal and cheat too! On there way to becoming dern good Capitalists! May not so RED after all.
In the illustration's what I am expecting are strictly literal translations of original Russian language captions the "Managers of the nozzle" brings to mind something along the lines of a Monty Python skit about The Royal Order of The Managers of The Nozzle.
"Proton Trap" should be in a Star Trek script.
(yes, today I am on something for muscle spasms and for neuropathy)