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Feb 24, 2015
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The Music City Missile Club ( MC2 ), the Huntsville Area Rocketry Association ( HARA ) and Southern Area Rocketry are sponsoring the regional launch, Southern Thunder on June 24th and 25th in Manchester, TN.

The event will take place at the Mid-Tenn Turf Sod Farm located at 2400 Hickerson Road, Manchester, Tn, 37355.

The event is open to all flyers from low to high power on both days. In addition, Sunday will be a Tripoli research day. Spectators watch for free.

Details can be found on the event webpage:

It will be a blast! We hope to see you there!
You can register for ST2017 @

A Facebook event has also been created for the purposes of discussion and updates @

Hope to see you there!

Allen Hall (NAR #98014, Tripoli #16881)
Vice President & NAR Advisor
Music City Missile Club (NAR Section #589, Tripoli Prefecture #134)
1612 Dove Circle
Spring Hill TN 37174
Office: 615-724-1463
Mobile: 615-364-7157
[email protected]
What's the waiver & impulse limit? I can't find the details on the website.
Looks like a great launch to attend, I guess I'll have to see.
Are there any big flights planned?
We are expecting to Scott Taylor to fly:
... and there is a night launch in the planning stages:

Regarding an impulse limit... Technically there would be an absolute limit of an "O" 1500' but the field is a mile square so there is a practical limit based on recovery space and wavier. You'll need to let us know in advance if you need an away pad outside 600'.
The impulse limit is up to O, however, due to the size of the field, flights are limited to an altitude of 12,000 feet. Beyond that, rockets will either land in the adjacent nature preserve or on private property. We usually have several big flights. At ST15 with bad weather we had 15 J impulse flights and 15 flights K and above. The launches ended around 5pm. With the Saturday launch being extended, low or no winds will create excellent conditions for flying. Also, on Sunday in addition to regular flights, there is a Tripoli Research Launch. This is a definite crowd pleaser!

The person in charge of field setup is Chris Dondanville who is also our Public Affairs chairperson and concessions coordinator. Specific field setup questions should be directed to him at [email protected]

If you are interested in running concessions, please contact him as well.

Those interested in being a Non-food vendor and/or sponsor should contact me at [email protected].

Christopher Gill
Music City Missile Club ( MC2 )
Looking forward to it!

Glad you can come...

Please register if you have not already done so @

There is a Facebook Event setup if you want to join the discussion there. We would love to see what you plan to fly @
This is what I'm flying for my kids elementary school:

Don't forget about the Star Warsy contest:

... and a night session is being planned based on participation, so be sure to say:
This should be fun and something new. The “Star Warsy” theme contest is to create a flying sport rocket that captures the stylings of the Star Wars spaceships.

The rocket should demonstrate design, style, patterns, shapes, markings, or artistic interpretation of a spaceship that would be imaginable to be from the Star Wars universe. What ship would you like to see in the next movie? The intent is not to actually scale model a specific vehicle but to interpret the ‘looks’ or paint schemes into a good flying rocket, hence to make it star “warsy” instead of exactly Star Wars. Details at

Time to get working on a model, before the last Jedi is here.