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Oct 28, 2004
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I'm thinking about fiberglassing my next rocket, a self-designed 34" BT-80 number with a 29mm mount, and wondered where you guys get your fiberglass. I don't want to purchase a large quantity. What weight is recommened? Should the fins be glassed, too? Is this stuff available in small quantities at an auto parts store, or is there a good mail-order source. Thanks!:kill:
Atoparts stores, "Wally World" (Walmart), both carry 6oz. fiber glass put out by Bondo. It is a very nice glass product, and very strong. If you use this you will need to follow with a veil vover fiberglas, because the 6oz has a very large weave pattern to it. These are are sold in 8sq ft packages.

Any RC hobby shop would carry fiberglass in different leight weights for use on RC airplane projects. These come in weights from 3/4oz up to 20z. sizes. They are usually packaged in one yard cuts.

Dave Muesing @ Mr. Fiberglass has everything you might want for any type of glassing project, including the fiberglass resin epoxies designed for lamination.

Good luck!