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Jun 8, 2009
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Does anyone know of a good source for durable, light weight foil tape like the kind used on (I think) the Flat Cat?

Someone on the forum recommended using aluminum foil, and I did use it on my Semroc Hawk. It burned off from the stabilizer after about 3 flights.

I have a source for heat-shield tape (one roll for $8), but I'm concerned that it'll be too heavy, since it's made for cars:

I'm not sure how thick the automotive tape is, but there is a version sold at Home Depot and Lowes for use around furnaces.

716511102101.jpg retail product specs 0107.pdf retail product guide 0107.pdf
I have to say on most of my competition and fun flying gliders I use adhesive backed vinyls or as recommended by Rob Edmonds for a couple of his gliders cheapo filliment reinforced backing tape.
after many flights if it become to brittle or charred its fairly easily replace with another strip.

Most of the stuff I use is leftover scraps from vinyl sign jobs, mostly 3m brand or some Calon. I've also had very good luck with Chrome silver adhesive backed Monokote on 1/8A thur B motor gliders.

The First glider shown has the Packing tape applied, 2nd Chrome Monokote, and the third is a checkerboard vinyl.

ASP sells rolls of 1/2" wide silver mylar tape that works well for Chute shrould line squares and lots of other uses.
Hope this helps a little.
Fred showed you a good picture of the heavy duty flavor of chrome tape but you indicated you wanted something lighter of this type. At Walmart, look for the green packaged Manco chrome tape with a duck logo on it. This is the lightest variety of 'chrome tape' I have seen and it is good enough stuff.

As far as using this on a glider for exhaust protection, be aware that if the leading edge of the tape is BEHIND the motors nozzle by any good distance you run the risk of it being peeled off/back by the exhaust jet. Not only does this result in burn damage it also affects the gliders glide trim and perhaps even the boost if badly enough.

For small gliders you can completely forego chrome tape and just give the intended surface a good coating or two of wood glue and let dry. This protects against both burning as well as breakage.

Of course, its always good to use chrome tape on a glider wing if the tapes LE is slightly ahead of where the nozzles blast will impinge. For really small gliders like Hawks/Astron Falcons the Manco version is best, the heavier stuff Fred showed is good for up to midpower, and there is even a very heavy and stiff version that I used many times successfully back when I flew many HPR gliders.

Heck, Ive even built gliders just with chrome tape and flew them well.