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Very nice :)

I love the despinner, as well as the reentry.
VERY cool.... just one problem??

Where are the little Swedish "snow bunnies" skiing up to turn the camera off?? LOL:)

I wonder what it uses for de-spin?? A small thruster motor?? Can't be aerodynamic since it's spinning for stability after leaving the sensible atmosphere... Obviously it has a rate-sensor (and a darn good one!) to "slam on the brakes" like it did and leave it at a dead stop rotationally...

I didn't see or hear any sign of thrusters to fine tune the de-spin. Somebody did a really good job calculating the spin rate and the mass and cable length on those yo-yo's. Spin went down to maybe 1 rev a minute. :cool:

When the booster was released a few seconds later, spin pretty much went to zero. I don't know if there was a thruster fired that I didn't hear, or if it was due to the way the booster was released. Made for some fine video, though!
As long as you know the mass and moment of inertia, you can use yo-yo despinners with surprising levels of accuracy.
It's a yo-yo despinner. It uses a pair of weights on the end of a pair of cords that are released and swing out from the centrifugal force. Simple, cheap, and reliable.

VERY interesting! Thanks!

Yeah, somebody did their homework on that one... It came to a dead stop at the end of the despin-- null rates are cool... :)

Later! OL JR :)
I don't see that anyone's mentioned it, but UP Aerospace's Spaceloft XL sounding rocket shown in these various videos is powered by Cesaroni. The question has been asked on Arocket, but not yet answered, whether they just provide the propellant or the entire motor system.

UP Aerospace brochure: