Sorry guys


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Feb 2, 2003
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I guess I didn't really put to much thought into the thread that dealt with Neils rocket. I just hated to see him get battered by all the comments toward him. Personally I wouldn't let a 12 launch a L3 rocket unless other people who know what they are doing helped him build it. I have no idea what a Sono tube is untill know, so yes I think he should step it down a little. When I said hand somebody the money for a high power reload, I didn't mean I get the motor. I would give him my rocket and the money for the reload and at no time would I ever be in possesion of the motor. The other guy would bbuild the motor, put it in my rocket and press the button. I think that would be legal. I think it is great Neil wants to go big, I do to, but even I am a little short on funds and I am sure he is to.


I think the comment about finish one project and start on another should be thought about real hard. Build the rocket the very best you can and don't take short cuts. If you have to postpone the rockets construction for a few months untill money finds its way to you then do so and and don't buy cheap stuff just to finish the rocket quick. Good luck and keep us posted on your rocket and don't feel afraid to ask questions and try to calm down a little. :)

To everybody else,

I'm sorry about this and I am now going back to rethink on how my rocket can be more reinforced so I think I have learned something from all of this. I wasn't trying to say Carl was a "god" or anything, but it is just the way everybody makes him sound. Anyways, I can use some help with my rocket and suggestions are greatly apprectiated. So if you would, jump down to the thread my first high power rocket and help me build it right. Thanks guys. :)