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Sorbitol for sale.

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Jan 17, 2009
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I bought a large bag of sorbitol a few years ago and haven't found the time to use it in that time, so it's time to sell some of it and get the shop cleaned up in the process. This was food grade sorbitol bought from Roundeye supply. https://www.roundeyesupply.com/Food-Grade-Sorbitol-Fine-50-Lb-p/de360748.htm

I need to raise some money to help take care of some medical bills (this getting old stuff sucks!) so I'm selling off 30 pounds of it.

I can fit 15 pounds ( actually a little over 15) in a medium flat rate box and ship it for $40. PayPal only.
It will be packed in double plastic bags with silica gel packs inside to keep it dry.

I'll have two of these for sale.

email is the best way to reach me. Address below.
I haven't had the free time to be on the forum much lately, so I may not see a PM for a while.

In the process of cleaning up my shop, I'm finding some other things I will be selling in the near future.

[email protected]