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Dec 30, 2003
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started a new rocket today .

got two 3.9inch LOC body tubes 36 inch long each
a LOC 3.9 inch nose cone and a home made 7 motor cluster

was thinking about useing
Aerotech F21 s.

heres what i got done so far
That would be awsome in a Estes saturn V i can just imagine:D Well good luck
except it probably wouldnt stay together....or fit.

Looks nice Corpse, that thing should really go
heres a look at it so far

still needs to be epoxyed together and painted :D
were can i found some 24 mm Gs at ?:D

heres the motor mount
Yes, you can get 24mm G's by Ellis Mountain. They are G35's. You can get them at Magnum (just one place). I am planning to use them in one of my rockets for a cluster too.:D
Actually G35's are 29mm, G37's are 24mm. Also, I don't see where Magnum has G37's. Although Giant Leap has them. Just Rockets too.
AHHHH yes, I misread. Hate when that happens. I knew they were made by Ellis Mountain but I kind of read over the 29 mistaking it for 24. Sorry!
so you could put an estes 24 mm kit on a G? how much... reenforcing would this take?
pheonix? funky missile thing thats in my profile (dont know the name of it)...

hmm... how bout an alpha... using the bt as a mmt... im sure that would be some sort of record... :D


how bout a fat boy... i mean, it has the fin holes pre-cut, and it would be funny as hell to launch one on a G next to a bunch of lpr... oh god, i shoulda done that at camp... horrified the kids
Well, considering their size, what I would do is just put some fillets on the Phoenix and the Fat Boy (if you don't already have them) and add a little nose wieght on both. I am not sure that launching the Alpha on a G is very smart. If you want to you can but I do not believe you could do anything to help it fly better. In fact, it probably would be very dumb and VERY dangerous. I am just telling you what I would do. You can do what you want.
i was joking on the alpha. noo way

i might buy another pheonix kit and cut the body tube and fix the fins on better so they dont just rip off during flight...
that thing is already so incredibly unstable lmao... maybe if you balance it perfectly
I was thinking you HAD to be kidding. I wasn't sure though.:D
all i need is paint and some rain .
no rain no lift off !
hate to fire up the county !

got 7 Es ! ready togo 7 F's on the way!

will post more after i got it painted .:kill: