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Which one would you choose???

  • LOC Bruiser EXP III

  • LOC Warlock

  • LOC 7.5" V2

  • LOC Big Nuke 3E

  • PML 1/2 Patriot

  • Giant Leap Vertical Assault

  • LOC Bruiser EXP III

  • LOC Warlock

  • LOC 7.5" V2

  • LOC Big Nuke 3E

  • PML 1/2 Patriot

  • Giant Leap Vertical Assault

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Dec 24, 2003
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One of my many little quirks is I always take a peek at the profile of TRF people to get a feel for our community.
I'm posting this poll as I am interested in what kind of people make up the world of rocketry.

I'll Start

I'm the IT Manager in charge of End User Support and Desktop Engineering for a large (1000 bed) teaching hospital in CT.

Edit ~ late Fri afternoon

Gee, I was not expecting such an incredible show of camraderie. So I thought I'd share a little more about myself.

BSET ~ Threatening to get either a MBA or MHSc (Masters in Heath Management)

Served 9 years active and 4 years reserve in the USCG. Mostly in electronics, however for 4 years I managed the USCGA MAterials Engineering Lab. Married 22 yeard to the same silly girl (she says she keeps me around for my entertainment value). No kids (she says why would she need more than me). Just two barking landsharks.

Spent 10 years in the design of NC control systems during which I learned PC systems.
self employed rocket guy... :D

I also sell microwave devices/components

In a past life I was a principle hardware engineer, software engineer and web developer.

I'm also a bit of a self-styled graphic artist (of sorts.. :D )

Recently retired TV News Photojournalist...
In 30 years, I have pretty much seen and done it all...
(and have the tee-shirts to prove it...!!!)
Self employed idiot-savant. I most enjoy playing the idiot part. It gives me plenty for time for research and study.

OK, I'll play along...

I have nearly 25 years of IT experience. For the past
14 years or so, I've been working for a media and entertainment
giant in Central Florida.

But on the Internet, no one knows you're a dog!
i am self employed. I run a 24-hour heart monitoring service. we operate primarily in the western states. i built the small heart monitoring devices for many years that were designed by my father.
Grew up in Davenport Iowa, flew with local NAR club until college.
Graduated Iowa State with BS in Aerospace Engineering (and enough hours to declare minors in two more except you don't do minors in engineering)
Went to work for Vought for three years, including a year of being 'on loan' to Boeing in Seattle
Moved to General Dynamics/Fort Worth Division, name changed to Lockheed back about '90 or '91
Have worked about 30 years as a mass properties engineer in advanced programs. I weigh airplanes that don't exist. Also do much of the development of parametric estimation methods, the occasional configuration design job, stores interface job, proposal document support, etc.
I am supposed to have 15 more years to go until retirement, but I could well go crazy long before that.
Now have the best wife in the world, the three greatest kids in the world (they are way smarter than me), and more broken stuff around the house than I will ever catch up with (current project: riding mower starter gears, waiting list includes make arrows so my #2 son can compete in two weeks, work on both cars, rebuild the pool filter, prep the camper for summer vacation, paint the house, and on and on).
I'm a neuroscientist; I do basic and applied research on clinical and healthy people using EEG, MRI, etc. I was at NIH in Bethesda MD, but moved to Yale Medical School about 6 months ago. My specialty is nonlinear signal analysis, the fringy kinds of stuff I learned at the Santa Fe Institute (the chaos science place). I make up analysis techniques to get the best answers from the data.

I got my first job at age 11. Fixing TVs. That was at my dad's TV shop. I got a another job on my own at another TV shop when I was 14. It was learning complex circuitry and frequency interactions that made what I do easy for me.

I have the same number of honorable discharges as Admiral Grace Hopper, the inventer of computer program language: three. One's from Viet Nam era, one for discharge from National Guard/officer school back to active duty, and one with disability.

My birthday is October 28, which I share with the Statue of Liberty, the Great Arch of St. Louis, and National Chocolate Day. And Bill Gates. Nothing's perfect.
Originally posted by jflis
self employed rocket guy... :D......

I wanna be like Jim!!:D

Anyway... back to reality, I have been an IT manager for a number of small companies. Nothing too significant though, so I am currently attending St. Leo University earning BS in information technology to try to change that. I consult on an independent basis now. I guess I am a BAR since I walked into Wal-Mart last summer and walked out with an Estes MaxTrax .(altimeter is about as accurate as an old granny in a rocking chair on the back porch, by the way) But now I have an Eliminator (that just may get an upgrade on the motor mount), calisto, cirrus, and Intruder and I am prowling for a hybrid candidate. Oh...and I am a hardcore TRF junkie
I'm a fifth year senior at Colorado State University studying construction management. When not flying rockets I build engines, make parachutes, go backpacking (last year I logged 65 days on the trail :) ) I also am getting into RC planes (Thanks Carl!) I also am a firearms enthusiast, love shooting and collecting firearms. I also have a bit of a pyromaniac streak (no, I don't wet the bed), but I've managed to catch many things ong fire including myself on a couple occasions. I'm enaged and going to be married August 6th. Currently I work as a construction manager for Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity.

I also share my birthday with my father, October 28th, which seems to by the same as Dyna Soar's. Also, in my family there are 6 of us that share that birthday - must have been a cold January :)

I'm a wastewater treatment plant operator (I gotta' get a shorter title) Ive been doing water and wastewater most of my adult life. Its a small plant way out in the woods and in the winter we have 10 acres of frozen ponds to launch off of. I also have unlimited access to the dump! :cool: I don't make a lot of money but it has a certain "charm".

I also am a professional musician specializing in historical American popular music. I play at schools, museums, fairs, private functions; Heck anywhere they pay me to.
I'm a flight planner & operations analyst for a Boeing subsidiary. It's a 24/7 business so I miss a lot of launch weekends.:(

But not this one! We're flying Sunday and I'm finally going for my L1 cert.:D
I earned B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in aerospace engineering from Illinois. Had a fellowship from NASA Marshall to pay for Ph.D. A French (yes, *French*) rocket company funded my M.S. Spent a few years at a solid rocket motor company in Utah. Hated every stinkin' moment of it, learned to detest both NASA and the aerospace industry, and bolted for greener pastures. Came to the DC area 10 years ago as a military operations analyst. Now work for a small tech company as a staff scientist. R&D interests are agent-based modeling and simulation, intelligent agents, evolutionary computation, and other advanced algorithms applied to the (mostly) military domain.
A graphic designer - professionally for close to eighteen years now, but growing up there really wasn't anything else I was suited for. (I wanted to be an astronaut, but spent more time drawing myself in spacesuits than learning the math necessary to become one :p )

I share a birthday with George Carlin, Yogi Berra, and Kate Hepburn. Not bad company.

Married to the same fantastic lady for seventeen years; two wonderful kids who couldn't be more different from each other.
I work for Banc One Capital Markets, the investment bank subsidiary of the nation's 6th largest bank holding company. I spent the first 8 years of my career in IT as an analyst and project manager. Then the head of the bond department asked me to come work for him doing "everything we don't have time for because we're too busy trading or selling." That was in September 1985, and he was 100% accurate with the job description.

Currently, I'm working on the third bank holding company merger I've experienced: First Chicago bought National Bank of Detroit to become First Chicago NBD; Bank One bought First Chicago NBD, and now J.P. Morgan, Inc. bought Bank One. Maybe the third times' the charm and I can skate through until retirement.
I'm a software developer contracted to a system for the Air Force. So, my official title is "blood sucking contractor". I'm part of a team of six that does everything for a web-based software problem tracking system.
When I'm not goofing off on this forum [which, in the office, isn't often], I am a Cartographer. We make maps for rural utility co-ops. Before this, I was a web designer and a club DJ.
Hmmm... I don't fit the mold.... figures!!

Well, I have a BA in English Lit (I went to college for physics, but soon found that I could get an English degree simply by reading books, and writing about them.... it was just too easy)

My job? Hmmm... Well, I am a jack of all trades. I work for a major health insurance company. My Title is 'Senior Customer Advocate', and I deal directly with the HR dept of the various companies that are insured through us. This means that when someone screws up a claim royally, or Customer Service does'nt service the cutsomer, I get called to fix it. The job is never boring.

Oh yeah, the best part is that when they closed my office, they decided to send me home. Yes, I work from home, with a new computer every year, and free cable internet svc. This also allows me to pop down the basement on breaks to say.... put the final decals on the Red Max, or another coat of paint on the Aero Hi upscale.

Same as Jim... Im not even IN highschool yet, so I couldent really check that....

Id like to say that I am a self-employed maker of chutes (and kits!):D :D :D :D
Originally posted by Loopy
I'm a software developer contracted to a system for the Air Force. So, my official title is "blood sucking contractor". I'm part of a team of six that does everything for a web-based software problem tracking system.
Ha! I'm a "blood sucking contractor" too! :D

I've been a software developer for 13 years. Before that, I spent a few years in the Army. Before that, I was a Mechanical Engineering major at the University of Pittsburgh.

I'm currently developing Enterprise manufacturing resource planning systems for one of the world's leading manufacturer of precision roller bearings.
I am an IT old-timer. Partially because I got my first IT job in high school as a computer operator. Now I've been in this business in some capacity for 24 years. I've done just about everything, from customer support of PC software to project leader. Now I am called a 'business analyst' for Supply Chain systems, which mainly means I don't write code anymore.
In the way of other interests, I love hockey, which my son plays and I watch at every opportunity.

And I am a 17 year cancer survivor.
I feel a bit out of it here - I'm a High School teacher, specialising in chemistry and geology but dabbling in all sciences up to age 16. I also have a bit of an IT bent and am often the source of advice for other staff , especially those in the IT department.
Man, I REALLY feel out of place here!
I have a Ph.D. in English Literature, concentration in Medieval Studies. I did start my undergrad career as pre-med, but that lasted a week until I dropped Bio, Chem, and Calc and loaded up on English classes!
I'm currently a Dean at a community college, but I'm stepping down July 1 to return to teaching; I was hired as an English faculty member originally.
Married with two kids, 6 and 10.
Drew Tomko
I have a bachelor's degree in computer science. my professional career has been mostly in software development, I've worked in all areas of the traditional CS split (OS/DB/Net). my new job is "applications engineer" at a startup, we're making chips for cryptography (can't tell ya about the new product :).

other jobs I've had: professional musician (guitar & electric bass), sailing instructor, and "retired"! oh yeah, I worked in a hardware store in high school.

but my real job is to get the "best dad in the universe" award every day from my 2 kids.
JOAT jack of all trades.
Started as tv engineer back in the days of valves (tubes), went into greengrocery (dont ask why-girl), electrician, storekeeper, army - learnt how to shoot holes in people,combat medical tech - learnt how to mend said holes,I know no sense in it. Learnt about explosives, had great fun making BIG holes in thing and you gotta love those bangs. Came out of army, tried lorry (truck ) driving found wife at top of M45 (another story) cinema projectionist, refridgeration engineer (industrial ) spent the last few years as maintenance manager at an ice rink, responsible for anything that didnt move too fast, ie eveything but the customers.
Got divorced after 27 years
managed to pick up a BEng and an MSc, C&G (x2) and various other fancy qualifications.
Had first MI in May last year had 3 more since. Now medically retired and awaiting surgery.
Got 1 daughter and 4, soon to be 5, grandkids.
I live with my cat so not alone and still nagged rotten but the cat is easier to ignore.
Thats all folks

I'm another self-employed rocket guy...not nearly as large as the Flis Company...but working on it:D

I also have a lawn care business.


Pilot- Single and Multi engine Land. CFII, Comm. (1800 hrs)
Smsgt- USAF 13 years. C-130 Crew Chief, C-5A ISO Maintenance
Sales- 3 years (Auto- yuck!)
Edu.- 3 years plus USAF Comm Coll.
I own/run a web design company and go to school. What does that come under? Self Employed, IT or Student HS or lower? :p

We do a website for anyone who pays us....
I built/run the school website and integrate it with the Digitalbrain online services. Check it out:

I'm taking a GCSE in history and Engineering for the next two years and plan to stay on at my school and do the IB examination.
Erm.. I'm taking a GNVQ in ICT at the moment.


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