Wanted Someone To Test Suspicions: Cineroc/Olympus/D-Region Tomahawk

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OpenRocket Chuck Norris
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Mar 27, 2013
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Looking for confirmation of a couple of suspicions. Required to test this is an original Cineroc, a D-Region Tomahawk (2037), and an Estes Olympus (7293) kit (available from Hobby Lobby) or suitable parts from Estes TARC supplies.

I was told that the clear payload section of an original Estes Scrambler (K-37 or 1237) from the 1970's fit the Cineroc as a potential replacement to the Punched Black Butyrate Tube (PN 44126) that the shroud was mounted to. The Scrambler's payload section was a PST-65R (PN 30616) and is listed as being 5" long with OD of 1.796" and ID of 1.750".

These are the dimensions I've been given of the body tube for the Olympus... But I want to make sure by physically testing (blame that my time spent in Missouri (The Show Me State)). However, as it stands now, my Olympus is stuck in transit to me in China.

The D-Region's body tube is a tad tight on the Cineroc's nosecone and adapter, but can be made to fit. It's also ever so slightly thicker. I have a Cineroc and a pair of D-Region Tomahawks here with me now.

The things I want to confirm:

1) Could the clear payload section and body tube of the Olympus (or TARC parts) be used to replace the Punched Black Butyrate Tube?

2) Could the body tube of the Olympus be used to repair/replace the D-Region Tomahawk's HBT-1800 (PN 30367) body tube? I'm guessing it's not 100% match due to thickness issues, but could work in a pinch (with a sacrifice to the durability of the rocket).



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Jun 6, 2011
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I was told recently by a really authoritative source - Randy Roadway of e-Rockets - that the dimensions of modern clear PETG tubes originating in China are not totally consistent from batch to batch, so it may or may not work; there could be a few mils of variance.